Health and Wellness with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Health can be improved and wellness enhanced through the regular and ongoing use of manual lymphatic drainage. 

A Certified Manual Lymphatic Therapist works with the lymphatic system.  

Lymphatic work begins at skin level. Transportation of lymph loads through lymph collectors, lymph nodes and the venous system allows the body to relax as it eliminates toxins. Many actually fall asleep during therapy.

Self care is part of the training to maintain lymph health. Ongoing team work between patient (client) and therapist is essential.

Therapy sessions may be every day for the first week. The first session is an hour and a half session, the others are one hour long.

The second weeks sessions may be every other day so that self care techniques may be practiced at home between clinic appointments. Each session is approximately half therapy and half teaching. 

The third week there are two sessions of one hour.  Each will follow up on congested lymphatic drainage and refine self care techniques.

Personally I recommend once a week sessions for the remainder of a year.  If illness occurs, or stressful events must be endured, manual lymphatic therapy will enhance your chances of health. 

Hour and a half sessions are $120.   Hour sessions are $80.